Unreal Tournament Map - Disrupted

Unreal Tournament Map – Disrupted

Disrupted is an Unreal Tournament 3 map. Designed to be enough balanced and provide a good mix between vertical gameplay, sniper spots, escape points and gunfights in many situations within a small area. With enough ways to avoid enemies as it is a Capture the flag map. Perfectly symetric, the map was first made on paper and finally built in UDK. During the process, I was very careful not to start any visual work before my player’s experience expectations would be entirely reached. I started many Play-Test phases and observed how the players were using the environment. I learned a lot by their comments too. Here’s the result.



Early Concept (Main features)

  • 2 Floor levels
  • Small Map
  • Many weapons
  • Many bonuses
  • Ground and ceiling walking punition
  • Symetric zones


Made in software V.1 (concept evolved)

  • 3 Floor levels
  • Added some bumpers to keep a dynamic vertical movements
  • Ground is not slowing people, but there are some traps now


Feedback & Experience gathered during Play-Test

  • Dynamic.
  • Spawn protection and possibility to chose where to come onto the battlefield.
  • Large amount of weapons and stuff.
  • Interactive traps.
  • Traps not enough large and sometimes really frustrating.
  • Center of the map is coverless.
  • Last floor too easy to camp.
  • Hard to know which zone belongs to which team.



  • Rework of the floor levels needed.
  • Change the structure of the central zone to make it more attractive.
  • Highlight trap zones.
  • Make the team side easily recognizable without environment art.








Final improvements

  • Hollow central structure with bonus inside, reachable only if you expose yourself. Many risks, but great reward.
  • Change the structure of the central zone to make it more attractive.
  • New paths in between side structures to make a junction with center of the map.
  • Added some special items to get only in the map’s center. Like shields.



Final play-test showed a significant improvement of the player’s overall experience.


And after that, polish :