Trouble in Squareland on Greenlight

Trouble in Squareland on Greenlight

Let me introduce you my very first game…

Trouble in Squareland.

It’s been a few days now that introduced my game made on Unity on Greenlight. It’s been a while since I started this project, driven by the ideal to touch to every slice of a game’s conception, which I did. At first, this was just some kind of a concept experience, but I wanted to push the game to a final step, that implied to finish it completely.

And after many months of free time… Done !


Trouble in Squareland tells the deep story of Babtoo. A brave but tiny square from the world of Squareland fighting against an evil camera gone crazy, forever zooming in. How far will Babtoo go to save Squareland ? It only depends on you…


You control a square, you can move on a 2D Axis, sprint, rotate on 90° rotations and that’s it !

Your character can stick to all the shapes he encounters. Some of them are evil and make the camera zoom, some others are doing the exact opposite, some are doubling their size, twisting the camera view… explosive squares are dangerous but can reduce your size and they give you many many points !

Two powers are unlockable. One of them allows Babtoo to pass on other squares without sticking to them and the second one allows a 45° rotation. Use those gameplay features wisely and quickly to reach the higher levels and unlock the endless mode ! And remember to never let the camera end the game. Zoom out, zoom out, zoom out !

Posting this on Greenlight was a good thing, though I didn’t think I would even reach the Top 100. I received some interesting feedbacks directly in the comments and on other websites. I’m now making a small demo of the game in order to give a true taste to the game, while working on something new… which I hope, will be far more innovative ! 🙂