Student Project - Lypsical

Student Project – Lypsical

Lypsical is a game built in one year with an initial team of 5 Game Design Students.



I was in charge of overall Game Design, narrative, co-production,  parts of Level Design and some minor graphic assets of the game demo.

You are a robot who’s not aware of his condition. Player has to chose the way he behaves in the world, and that has consequences during the demo (small ones and more important ones, for the gameplay but also for the environment).

We designed this game to be playbale in two different ways in many situations of choice. Some of these “choice situations” are clearly displayed to the player (killing someone or letting him live), but other ones are totally implicit (level design variations and paths, different ways to end a boss fight). A true ending with various rewards was designed, but we didn’t get the time to implement it fully. So it’s absent from the demo.


Spoiler… for english speaking people who don’t have the chance to understand this beautiful language. No need to worry, this design document is perfectly thought, written and detailed. That means that you should hire me. 😉