Global Game Jam #2015 - Barbaari

Global Game Jam #2015 – Barbaari

I was in charge of the design part and some graphic assets of Barbaari. A prototype game developed during 2015 Global Game Jam.

It is an arena game meant to be played with 4 players on a single computer in a 2vs2 mode. This arena comprises two zones. One of them, “The Balcony” surrounding “The Battleground” is receiving stuff (weapons & power-ups).

  • The dropper located on the balcony has to drop the stuff he finds to his partner, he can’t use it himself.
  • The warrior has to kill his opponent on the Battleground, his victory depends of the efficiency of his partner.

BarbaariV1 2015-12-13 18-03-56-54

BarbaariV1 2015-12-13 18-04-52-99

BarbaariV1 2015-12-13 18-04-50-26

BarbaariV1 2015-12-13 18-05-16-80

BarbaariV1 2015-12-13 18-05-29-27

What will the players do ? Will they gently choose their roles and teams ? Will they fight for their role and team ? What do they do ? Will they fail their drops to the warriors and make their teams lose ?