Global Game Jam #2014 - Kriterion

Global Game Jam #2014 – Kriterion

“We don’t see things as they are, we see things as we are”

… Here was the subject that launched the most unifying event for video game developers all around the world.


With a team composed of five Game Designer Students : Alexandre BRENAT, Charles DESMULES, Alexis LE PAGE, Andréas BONNARDEL and myself, we designed a concept based on a two-sighted gameplay. Here is the resume available on the GGJ official Website.


Kriterion is a survival-horror game. The character deny the chaotic reality in which he lives. He imagines an idylic and sanitized world (First Person View) to preserve himself physically and mentally.

The player embody his imaginary friend, guiding him through the dangers of the world (Third Person View : symbolizes the true vision of the world from the player). The player will have to regularly switch from one vision to the other in order to avoid enemies and find its path.

First person (the world is ok)

KriterionApp 2015-12-13 17-55-15-14

Third person (the world is chaotic)

KriterionApp 2015-12-13 17-55-51-60

As you can see, this prorotype had too huge intentions to be designed for a young designer team. This was a fail, but we learnt a lot.