Company of Heroes 2 Map - Wet Meeting

Company of Heroes 2 Map – Wet Meeting

Update 08/05/2015


After 6 days (and 6 Updates including balancing, more covers and environment details) on Steam Workshop, the map reaches the 1600 unique viewers. Around 600 subscribers and an average rating of 92% (on only 12 rates, so this still remains not really enough to know the true quality value of the map). The map even reached the 2nd popularity ranking on around 3000 mods.

For a first one, this is really motivating and I didn’t expect so much. The true reward would now to be in the 4 maps selected by Relic Entertainment to be officially put in the standard game, but this seems more like a dream than something truly doable. I’m still strongly requesting feedbacks from you guys who have the game in order to continue improving the map as much as I can.



For my first mod on the RTS Company of Heroes, I decided to bring difficulty to the infantry gameplay. Even if the soldiers are not really slowed by waters, this city entirely drowned isn’t allowing much defense placement, buildings will have to be used wisely.

To avoid any risk of static gameplay, I decided to give to two central zones a pretty abnormal shape. These shapes are forcing each player to push further their progression.


zoomWhy doing this ? Some of the game’s units can’t use their special skills if they are not in their territory. A territoy which is not yours is also hidden by fog of war. For example : The green zone gives to the blue player some ground in the enemy territory, allowing this Blue player to place static defense buildings beyond the central control point. The blue will not be safe until he gets the purple zone too. He can be bypassed by this blind spot.

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